As a community creator, you are the only Admin of your community until you assign another admin or moderator.  Plus you can use an email address to invite members to your community who do not have a SynQ UP account.   Go to the drop down menu by your username and select “Member Manager”.  This will take you to your user manager where you can edit user information, assign privileges, assign badges, and verify.    Admin can do anything while moderators have some limited abilities.  Here is a list of actions that moderators are not able to do:  cannot create read only channels cannot activate premium channels cannot ban or delete users from community You can also add users to your community from their email address here.  Once sent, they will receive an email saying they have been requested to join SynQ UP and your community.  If they accept, they will be directed to the website to create an account and then placed into your community.     =

Following and Messaging Following and messaging users is really simple.  If there is a user that you want to follow, simply click their user name or picture from the community.  That will bring up their profile on the right side of the screen and two buttons will appear, “message” and “follow”.     Following a user will give you the ability to see what they post in your community in a separate feed labeled “Following” on the left side of the screen below your profile name.  Eventually you will be able to see what this person posts in all communities as users will have the ability to share posts on their personal profile.     Private messages or Direct Messages are located next to the “Channels” button on the lower left corner of the page, or by clicking the specific persons username or profile picture as stated above.   This is for messaging members within your community.  You can have multiple people within one of these private chats, and have as many chats open asContinue reading »

TraQ is the helpful crypto-tracking app within SynQ UP. You can add a multitude of cryptos to track price, market cap, volume, and supply. TraQ also comes with in-app Trading View charts so you can track crypto price action live, and even share charts within channels in your community. On top of all of that, you can set price alerts so you can stay on top of price action. Access TraQ To use TraQ, you must first be in SynQ UP. Click on the “TraQ” button on the top right of your screen. You will now see the TraQ system pop out of the right side of your screen. The default is section is the “Trackers” section. To begin inputting coins you would like to TraQ, click the “coin” section, and input your desired coin in all caps. Then, click the “pair” section and input the pairing you would like in all caps, as well. Then click the “plus” button and it will immediately add the coin pair you typedContinue reading »

Are you ready to unleash all the with your SynQ UP community?  Lets GO! Community Settings Start by going to your “Community settings” that is in the drop down menu by you user name on the top right corner of the SynQ UP.  This will take you back to the “Edit your Community” tab and something you will notice at the bottom of the page is the button “Add Custom Badge”. Once you click that, a pop-up will appear and you will be able to upload images for a custom badge for you community This will allow you to upload an image to use a badge to give your community leaders/members. Some of the badges that have been created so far are: SynQ Labs Next, heading over to the “SynQ Labs” tab and dig into the goodies!  Custom Emojis Take a look at “Custom emojis” and click the “+” to open the drop down menu Click on the “add custom emoji” button. You will be prompted with a pop-up thatContinue reading »

The SynQ UP Community browser is the gateway to accessing all of the communities that SynQ UP has to offer First Time User As a first time user joining SynQ UP, you will likely be placed into the Community Browser to start. If not, skip down to “Finding the Community Browser while you are in a Community” Finding the Community Browser while you are in a Community If you are in a community, finding the Community Browser is very simple. Hover over the SynQ Switcher icon (image below) and a few icons will pop up. Click the icon with a text bubble and a plus sign to access the community browser. Within the Community Browser Once you are in the Community Browser you can: Create a community Search communities by name and/or tag Join existing communities To get more info on creating a community click here (link). To search a community click on the search bar where it says “filter communities” and type in your desired name/tag. To join aContinue reading »

Creating SynQ TEAM tasks in SynQ UP is super easy, and allows you to stay in UP while you are still helping forward your project along. A few use cases for this are: Turning support feedback from the community into actionable tasks Chatting with your team and coming up with new ideas Having a spark of genius mid-chat that you want to capitalize immediately For this to work, you need to either create a SynQ TEAM account (link) or be a part of a SynQ TEAM. Once you are a part of a SynQ TEAM that is linked to your SynQ UP community, you can begin creating TEAM tasks within UP. To create a TEAM task, hover over the message you’d like to document and click the 3 grey dots next to community member’s name. Once you click on the 3 grey dots you will see a drop down menu appear. Click on the bottom button, labeled “Create TEAM Task”. You will now see a pop up menu appear. YouContinue reading »

Creating a community in SynQ UP is easy and streamlined. Once you have logged into SynQ UP you will see the community dashboard which shows you all the publicly accessible communities. In creating a community, you will have the ability to #tag it with the general topics or overview about you community.  These tags can be searched by new users to SynQ UP to find the best fit for the community they are searching for. You will see in the top right corner of the page a link that says “Create a Community. Start Your Community Bingo! First step in the “Start Your Community” tab is naming your community. This is the permanent URL that cannot be changed.  Next is adding a community tagline followed by an icon, hashtags and the default channels you want to be created when you launch your community.  Lastly, you can use the toggle if you want your community to be seen publicly in the community browser. All of these options can be edited orContinue reading »

SynQ UP features a multitude of channel types to help community owners and community members alike, here’s a break down of who can do what, and how to do it for creating channels: Public Channels Anyone can create a new public channel in a community. Clicking the plus sign [+] next to “Channels” in the left navigation area of SynQ UP will take you to the interface above. Simply provide a Name (only alphanumberic, hyphens, and underscores are permitted), set the topic, and select a few users to join you in your new channel to get started. Admins, you’ll also be shown an additional option to “Auto-join all users to channel.” This will place all current and future members of your community into the channel, treating this as a new “hub” for users to see the next time they login to your community. Private Channels Think of private channels like a long-form group Direct Message, allowing you to invite a multitude of users to a back channel discussion that doesn’tContinue reading »

SynQ UP comes packed with market data, added security features, delighter features to better organize and engage community members, and advanced user management. Getting started is easy, taking advantage of all the goodies that come within it just takes a little getting used to, here’s a kick start: Registration and Login You can use Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn oAuth to create an account and login, or use a traditional email address and password to access SynQ UP. All users are required to at least provide a desired username to use SynQ UP.   Basic Features The left sidebar is sectioned into useful navigation items that help you move through the application’s communication stages. “Channels” – click on the word “Channels” to open the Channel Browser Click the [+] sign to the right of “Channels” to create your own You can create a Public or Private channel Admins and Moderators can convert any channel into a read-only channel …more on read-only channels below If you’d like to “favorite” channel, click theContinue reading »