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SynQ UP is the only multi-community communication and application platform built specifically for the cryptocurrency hub.


Enjoy SynQ UP on the go with our native Apple and Android applications now available in the app stores. Get push notifications of price alerts, user activity, and much more, anywhere you have a connection.


Unlike those “other” guys, you can start and use SynQ UP’s instant messaging platform and apps for free, forever. SynQ believes in community, communication, and the free-flow of information.


Community owners, you can get started with SynQ TEAM today, a cost effective ($3/user per month), project management application built into the SynQ Suite ecosystem.

Stay Connected!

Things in cryptocurrency move fast, and you need to stay ahead of the game if you want to keep out in front of it. SynQ is built on a robust technology stack with user security and anonymity at the forefront of minds. Learn from the best, stay connected, and communicate freely.

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SynQ UP is more than a chat app

SynQ UP includes TraQ, a live alert system for crypto

There’s no better way to stay on top of this market than having communications and data at your finger tips. With TraQ, you’ll see volume, price, supply, and can set alerts for when a cryptocurrency pair crosses a threshold (up or down) from the current price.

Discover All that SynQ UP has to Offer

What’s missing from other chat platforms? A way to connect to any community with a simple, fast, community browser. Enter SynQ UP. We developed an easy to use, easy to browse, community directory, complete with descriptions, activity preview, hashtags, and a search field, to show you what you’re interested in – now.

Admin Features

SynQ UP was built with community engagement and encouragement in mind, incentivize members of your community to engage with fun features like custom commands, emojis, and badges, create read-only channels to keep conversations focused, and never lose messages to some “message limit” paywall:

  • Create read-only channels
  • Create Premium access channels
  • Mute users for (X) time
  • Ban users from channels and your community
  • Assign moderator status
  • Delete any message
  • Bulk add users to new channels
  • Create a SynQ TEAM and assign users
  • Create private channels
  • Modify Community Settings
  • Add custom emojis
  • Add custom commands
  • Add custom community member badges
  • Filter Bad Language

User Features

Members of SynQ UP enjoy a vast array of custom, crypto-centric features, with ease of use and privacy in mind. Engage with posts at your leisure, and react how you see fit. Block communications from specific user accounts, browse profiles, follow people who inspire you, unlock community badges, and manage your notifications to fit your needs:

  • TraQ for price alerts
  • Share and view Tradingview Charts
  • GIF replies by GIPHY
  • Join multiple communities
  • Create group Direct Messages
  • Join and Leave channels freely
  • Customize your user profile
  • Manage your SynQ Notifications
  • Create public channels
  • Follow specific users
  • Block specific users
  • Add reactions and threaded replies to any message
  • Paste images from your clipboard
  • Add images as replies to threads

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Stay connected to SynQ UP anywhere you go

Conversations, TraQ, and more

With SynQ UP on mobile, you’ll have access to every feature on SynQ UP at your thumbs keeping you connected to the cryptoverse!

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TraQ on the Go!

Get price alerts, check the coins you’re tracking, share charts, and keep on top of the market anywhere, anytime with SynQ UP’s loved TraQ mini-app! That and many more features are now available at your fingertips.

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