The Leader of Crypto Forecasting

Accurate predictive analytics for cryptocurrencies.

Unbelievably Accurate

Unlike other algorithms attempting to predict the cryptocurrency market, SynQ has re-calibrated tried and true business intelligence methodologies, taking into account asset classification, consumer attention cycles, sentiment indexing, and market data from a multitude of exchanges to produce exact price targets within specified time frames with over 75% accuracy.

SynQ is currently automating our predictive analytics into trading strategies. Preliminary results from back and forward tests alike are exceptional. If you’re interested in discussing strategies, our accuracy, or data, please contact


SynQ has been unbeatable with up to 80% accuracy since we began in May of 2019. Nearly 500,000 projections, on time, on price target, to the 1/100th of a penny.

Correlated Data Visualizations

SynQ offers custom visualizations of correlated market elements to help build the story of the market for you, giving you the insights needed to see where the market is headed.

REST API Access is Live

Limited REST API access to projection data feeds are now available for a very few select number of clients.

Seeing is Believing

SynQ’s Data Dashboard Beta is now live! View coin details, add coins to your My Coins list, set up alerts, see a steady flow of projections from your coins, and dig deep into the markets with all the data visualizations you’ll need to trade smarter. Great for research teams, day traders, and swing traders. Email us at for more information!