SynQ Data Analytics

CSQ Holdings, LLC – helmed by CEO Enrique Gutierrez, has created a proprietary business intelligence modeling schema. This allows SynQ to focusing on consumer trends, the attention economy, and psychographic delineation, classified by asset, by market trend, and apply data analytics algorithms that predict what’s coming in the cryptocurrency markets – with alarming accuracy.

SynQ Provides

  • Quantified Projections
  • Social Influence
  • Social Impact
  • Language Polarity
  • Social Quantity
  • Buy vs. Sell Pressure
  • Market Price Correlation
  • Project Activity

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Sentiment Analysis with Business Intelligence

Sentiment Analysis

  • Number of Tweets
  • Number of News Articles
  • Language Polarity
  • Number of Social Media Posts
  • Amount of Engagement
  • Social Spread of Content

Business Intelligence

  • Consumer behavior
  • Mindset as reflected in social media
  • Reactions to news
  • Correlations between knowledge and action
  • How language affects an asset
  • Industry resonance among consumers

SynQ Features

Track up to 9 assets to view predictive outcomes within 10-trusted cryptocurrency exchanges. Each projection is continuously backtested to challenge the outcome in real-time.

Create price alerts between any exchange-available trading pair to be notified, SynQ-wide, when the market price strikes.

See when buy pressure and sell pressure, social impact, and market cycles in the consumer attention economy are changing tides, in near real-time.

SynQ Stream

Preview our projections as they’re created by the SynQ system for USD pairs on Binance for Ethereum, Litecoin, Binance Coin, Cardano, and EOS, right now, for free.

What am I seeing?

Every time a consumer trend match is spotted, the SynQ system creates a predictive outcome modeled on an asset-by-asset basis with potential market states within the provided timeframes.

The market cycles are continuously monitored and published to showcase on a bar-by-bar basis the ebbs and flows of expected market action, giving people who use SynQ the opportunity to find the best entry and identify the highest probability exit.

As a result, you will see multiple overlapping projections on the screen for a single asset at once, all with varying timeframes, published at different times. When viewing a projection, if you see a downward price, repeated, over various rows, there’s a chance the market cycle that was signaled by SynQ is still valid, but a period of market-indecision is occurring.

Before you head off to SynQ Stream, you might want to know what you’re looking at:

Column Breakdown

  • Symbol: Cryptocurrency projected
  • Projected Date: When the projection was created (in UTC 0)
  • Last Close: The price of the asset at the time of projection creation
  • Target Price: Projected price
  • Target Timeframe: The window wherein the price should occur
  • Probability: Likelihood the projection will strike in the timeframe
    • 51-55% probability means, risky assessment, 49% likelihood of failing
    • 55-67% probability means, medium risk assessment, with backtested quantifiers to support the projection
    • 68%+, adequately backtested, lower risk, higher probability of success.

Currently, is the only integration during this testing phase. All projection prices, trade data, and orders are from The Last Close reference point is gathered from