Frequently Asked Questions • SynQ

Frequently Asked Questions

The many questions we’ve received and answered as the creators of this ambitious application platform knowns as SynQ (pronounced /siNGk/; sync):


  • What is the SynQ Suite?

    The SynQ Suite is a crypto-focused ecosystem, comprised of four different applications: SynQ, SynQ UP, SynQ TEAM, and SynQ EDU. Each application solves a unique need for crypto consumers. 

    SynQ allows cryptocurrency consumers to receive accurate and digestible predictive analytics, simple and easy to understand market information, as well as a treasure trove of helpful tools to navigate the crypto markets. 

    SynQ UP gives consumers a sense of community and belonging. SynQ TEAM allows community members to become project builders. 

    SynQ EDU allows content creators, community leaders, and influencers to monetize their communities by providing informational content, and receive revenue sharing that incentivizes their participation. 

    All of these are under one global profile within the SynQ Suite. Each application is integrated with each other, and one profile grants you access to every single one. SynQ Suite is the first crypto-focused ecosystem of integrated solutions specifically built for the crypto consumer.

  • What is the SynQ Suite’s mission?

    Our mission is to bring complex predictive analytics to the masses in an easy-to-use, and understand way that both empowers the consumer, and invigorates the market.
  • Why did we build the SynQ Suite?

    We built the SynQ Suite after running a large market analysis and business intelligence group on Slack, in late 2017. We slowly began to realize that there was a huge problem in the crypto sector. Everyone exploring crypto was in a community attempting to learn, understand, and meet like-minded individuals. And they communicated by the second. People across the globe all unified under one common goal: figure out what they need to learn and where they need to look. Everything was fragmented, and confusion and misinformation was, and still is, running rampant. We defined a few needs focused on cryptocurrency market and sentiment data, community, project management, and education. We then built an ecosystem consisting of solutions to give consumers what they need, under one profile, with 4 different, yet intertwined, applications.
  • Why do you have a Commitment to Community?

    Our ethos is “of the community”. Our commitment to the community is why we created SynQ UP, SynQ TEAM, and SynQ EDU. They encompasses the very core of communication and open-forum knowledge sharing at all levels of consumer adoption. Showing consumers how their content consumption can mold the future of their interests is the ultimate end-goal for SynQ.
  • What is the vision for the SynQ Suite?

    The vision for the SynQ Suite is to create the very first instance of Utility Media: Online sharing and consumption of media with the expressed purpose of learning from the communities and influencers within. The SynQ Suite is the first of its kind to combine analytics, social communication, project management, and education. Combining shareable data with community focused applications, all under one profile, allows for a new shift in how people engage with others online. We want to expand the access of market, sentiment, and block-level data in a unique way that puts an emphasis on community and collaboration.


  • What is SynQ?

    SynQ is the flagship application of the SynQ Suite. Simply put, it is an application that deciphers large amounts of sentiment, market, and block-level data, visually displays important correlations within the market, and delivers predictive analytics that help consumers understand when/where cryptocurrency price action may occur. By utilizing data currently available, and deciphering it through business intelligence methodologies, we are able to create consumer models, asset and consumer classifications, and asset health scores that factor into creating highly accurate predictive analytics for the retail market, as well as interested enterprise customers.
  • How is SynQ different from other dashboards filled with data?

    SynQ takes a business intelligence approach to tackling sentiment data, market data, and block-level data. To start, we don’t treat crypto traders and investors like traders and investors. We treat them like consumers, and model the data we have in that fashion. This allows us to better decipher the data in front of us, and output highly accurate predictive analytics and co-relational indicators. 

    To take it a step further, most companies that claim to be “sentiment analysis” experts are merely taking the number of social posts, with basic NLP, and are not accounting for consumer psychology, health scoring of different cryptocurrencies, asset classifications, and a slew of other important data points that allow you to better understand the layout of the market. Without taking a business intelligence approach, you cannot fully understand the entire cryptocurrency market.

  • What are Predictive Analytics, and what makes your accuracy so high?

    Our predictive analytics are the output of the business intelligence methodologies we mentioned above. At the most basic level, we make predictions on exact price movements of cryptocurrencies and their subsequent time frames. We are currently forward testing and back-testing our predictions. Out of 51,000 total projections, we are 84% accurate with a 0.00% deviation from the predicted price.

    Feel free to check out our SynQ Stream here

  • How can we confirm your data and accuracies?

    Email us to request a CSV data dump of our projections (


  • What is SynQ UP?

    SynQ UP is the community component of the SynQ Suite ecosystem. is a cryptocurrency-centric communication platform, built from the ground-up to address the numerous concerns presented in various other platforms available to community managers. SynQ UP comes packed with market data, added security features, delighter features to better organize and engage community members, and advanced user management. All designed to maximize security and safety of the members, while not sacrificing usability and speed.
  • How is SynQ UP different from other chat/community applications?

    SynQ UP takes the best of each current chat/community application, and packs it all into a crypto focused application purpose-built for large cryptocurrency and blockchain communities. It features a Community Browser to find other communities, in-app crypto price via TraQ, volume, and trading view charts, robust community manager features, and a closed API so communities are not overburden by spam bots. Fear not, because SynQ UP comes with built in bots and add-ons to mimic your favorite features from other apps.
  • Why was SynQ UP created?

    SynQ UP was created because we managed a large group on Slack. Slack’s user experience was great for community management, but it was expensive and was cumbersome for extremely large communities. We realized there were no crypto-focused chat/community applications, so we went out and built our own. We realized integrating it with the rest of the SynQ Suite was a no-brainer. Community is one of the best aspects to crypto, and making an application that builds upon that energy with market data attached was an idea we knew we had to run with.
  • What makes SynQ UP crypto-centric?

    SynQ UP features in-app crypto price, supply, volume, and trading view charting through TraQ. SynQ UP will be integrated with SynQ, as well, to share market data and information. The community finder allows you to find other crypto communities, and better management tools allow managers and admins to better moderate the large and vibrant communities that dominate crypto. Having read-only channels, in addition to private and public channels, allows community admins to publish milestones and announcements uninterrupted. The follow feature allows you to catch up with your favorite community members if you’ve been away from the community for a while. The list goes on and on, but with every feature there was one focus: how can we benefit crypto consumers?
  • What other additional features does SynQ UP offer for community management and engagement?

    SynQ UP also comes with SynQ Labs. Within SynQ Labs you can create custom emojis and custom commands, and you can also assign community member’s badges to increase a sense of belonging. Within the user manager you can verify individuals so that scammers cannot trick your community members. You can also mute community members for a limited time if they are clogging up the chat with nonsense. The Thread feature allows users to parse through messages in a more streamlined way, and the Activity Feed allows users to see all of their posts that received reactions from community members. We also have polls and other community engagement tactics. We hope to soon add in-app currency or tokens, as well.


  • What is SynQ TEAM?

    SynQ TEAM is the agile project management component of the SynQ Suite ecosystem.  We built this application with one purpose in mind: to provide bloat-free task management with only the features that users truly need. Communities can streamline action items that emerge from conversations into actionable workflow items, allowing members to collaborate en masse on all manner of crypto projects, and community members can create projects together, seamlessly within the SynQ Suite. Not to mention having a support feature within SynQ UP in which community members can create feedback for the community admins that feed directly into a TEAM Kanban board. TEAM is offered on a subscription basis for $3 per user, per month.
  • What makes SynQ TEAM different from other project management applications?

    SynQ TEAM simplifies project management, whereas other similar applications over-complicate project management. By adding a simplistic, light interface with core features to get the job done, SynQ TEAM takes away the learning curve of getting acclimated to new software. Add in the fact that you can create tasks with friends through SynQ UP, or monitor a consumer-facing support channel if you are a project lead, and you have a versatile application to turn ideas and feedback into real live projects.
  • Why was SynQ TEAM created?

    SynQ TEAM was created because of the bloat of existing project management applications. It was integrated into the SynQ Suite so that community members can build things together, and so that project managers running consumer facing products can receive 360 support feedback from their communities.
  • What other additional features does SynQ TEAM offer for project management?

    SynQ TEAM features a project backlog interface for manager to organize tasks ahead of entering the kanban board. It also includes simplified reporting to see number of open tasks, active story points, and seamless integration with Github activity. SynQ TEAM project lanes can be altered, and templates saved, for easy future project creation. Standard red/amber/green status has been applied to projects, and also automatically appears on tasks as they get closer to their assigned due date. Github is also integrated in to make commitments seamlessly. Easily switch between teams, projects, project details, and task overviews with minimal page load time to keep you moving through your day with ease.


  • What is SynQ EDU?

    SynQ EDU is the first crypto university to crowdsource knowledge from long-time citizens of the space and reward them for value provided to the community. Through its integration with the SynQ Suite, the EDU component formalizes the constant stream of dialogue in crypto communities into premium content from major community managers. The result is a living archive of the crypto space as documented by the people who built it. Content creators will receive a 55% share of revenue generated from SynQ EDU.
  • Why was SynQ EDU created?

    SynQ EDU was created due to a major gap we noticed in the content delivery space for crypto. Most platforms do not offer content creators a fair proportion of profits, and most platforms are fragmented and do not keep a crypto-focus. SynQ EDU allows community leaders, community members, and other thought leaders to come together under a crypto-centric platform and deliver content to the communities they are members of, in a seamless fashion.
  • When will SynQ EDU be release?

    SynQ EDU will be released in Q4 2019.


  • What can I actually do with the SynQ Suite?

    Below are use cases and examples of using each of the SynQ Suite applications:

    SynQ – Understanding where the market is headed is one of the primary use cases of SynQ. Having SynQ’s predictive analytics at your disposal allows you to understand, with a strong likelihood, where certain coins are moving. With this information you can build trading strategies around where the coins are predicted to move and/or confirm your technical analysis with where the predictions are headed. In addition to receiving projections, you will have access to a treasure trove of helpful visualizations tied to sentiment and market data. Utilizing something like buy/sell pressure is a helpful indicator of the general direction a coin is headed. Utilizing something like order disbursement helps you understand where the order books are stacked up so you can place the best buy/sell order. Having access to sentiment information allows you to understand where the social influence is, and whether a coin is gaining market attention or not. Having all of this at your disposal boils down to one thing: making better trading decisions.

    UP – Communicating with the rest of crypto in an application focused on sharing information and tracking cryptocurrencies is why SynQ UP was built. For starters, having a community parsed out by different channels helps organize conversation into something understandable that is not overwhelming. Having shareable in-app Trading View charts for cryptocurrencies with volume and supply information allows you to consolidate tabs and stay focused with the community. Having a sharable community finder allows you to find other communities that focus on interests similar to yours. Increased moderation and administration abilities such as user verification, badges, mute abilities, foul language censorship, and custom commands allows community managers to better manage their community and make community members feel involved. In the future, you will also be able to share data from SynQ into SynQ UP, and there will be a more social feel to communicating between different communities. 

    TEAM – Since building projects is at the core of the growth of the crypto and blockchain industry, having a project management application built into the Suite just made sense. SynQ TEAM allows community members to build projects alongside community communication. An example is two people meet, have an idea for a project, and can immediately sign up for TEAM, and start building a kan ban board based off of conversation threads within SynQ UP. We made the experience as seamless as possible. Another example is community managers or project leads receiving feedback from the community and turning it into actionable project items. Community members can feed their suggestions into a support channel, which can then be integrated into SynQ TEAM to receive actionable feedback from the community instantaneously. 

    EDU – Sharing educational content is essential to the growth and maturity of the crypto and blockchain industry. EDU allows community leaders to turn a large community of people into content consumers. If you run a large community on SynQ UP, you can share content from EDU into UP and garner a larger response. You also already have a following built up, so you can push a large community to your EDU content seamlessly within the Suite, never leaving the app. Plus, EDU content providers take in a share of 55% of total EDU profits per quarter. This is a major bonus for community managers and thought leaders in the space who already have a large following.

  • Why has no one done this before?

    Something on this scale has never been attempted before. Many applications solve the individual needs of each application, but creating an ecosystem for crypto, all under one profile, is a feat that has not been attempted before. Our thought is that due to crypto’s nascence characteristics, going “all in” on a suite of applications is risky and unproven. That is the exact reason we built it. We noticed the opportunity to improve upon what others built, and combine them all into a seamless architecture that benefits every crypto consumer now, and in the future.
  • Why didn’t you do an ICO and put all of this on the blockchain?

    Our team all met during the ICO boom in 2017. We noticed how toxic and risky many ICOs were. As a registered American company, we did not feel that the risk was worth the reward by offering an ICO that could potentially serve little purpose in the ecosystem and open us up to scrutiny by the federal government. We have been raising capital through an equity offering. We may implement an in-app currency specific to SynQ, but that is later down the road.
  • How can I stay up to date on your progress with SynQ’s predictive analytics?

    The best way to stay up to date on SynQ’s progress is to follow up on Twitter (@synqsuite) and join a SynQ UP community (CryptoSyndicate’s CryptoSyndicate often leaks projections from SynQ and have a great community filled with knowledgeable traders, enthusiasts, and thought leaders.
  • How can I get involved?

    If you would like to get involved with the team as either a patron, partner, or even investor please contact us at