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The SynQ UP Community browser is the gateway to accessing all of the communities that SynQ UP has to offer

First Time User

As a first time user joining SynQ UP, you will likely be placed into the Community Browser to start. If not, skip down to “Finding the Community Browser while you are in a Community”

Finding the Community Browser while you are in a Community

If you are in a community, finding the Community Browser is very simple.

Hover over the SynQ Switcher icon (image below) and a few icons will pop up. Click the icon with a text bubble and a plus sign to access the community browser.

Within the Community Browser

Once you are in the Community Browser you can:

  • Create a community
  • Search communities by name and/or tag
  • Join existing communities

To get more info on creating a community click here (link).

To search a community click on the search bar where it says “filter communities” and type in your desired name/tag.

To join a community, click on the red plus sign next to the community name and you will immediately join the community.

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