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Analysis of cryptocurrency markets is fun and interesting, but it’s also hard work. We recognize the dedication and talent of people who post about cryptocurrencies and we’re taking social sharing insights a step forward to ensure SynQ UP becomes the best, most viable, platform in the world for everyone… the SynQ Partner Program.

The SynQ Partner Program puts qualified users one step closer toward earning compensation for the value they deliver to the community. SynQ Partners can start earning cryptocurrency on SynQ UP while they build their community.

Earn on SynQ UP

Partners can earn on SynQ UP by accepting subscriptions from their community. Partners will have access to the standard $5.00 per user per month subscription fee wherein 97% of the monthly fee is delivered directly into our Partners’ SynQ Wallets.

Who Qualifies?

We’re looking for dedicated SynQ UP users, who have at least 50 followers, and over the last 30-days have at least 100 post reactions, from 25 posts, to an average of 4 reactions and/or comments per post. This criteria may change as the program develops.

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