SynQ UP comes packed with market data, added security features, delighter features to better organize and engage community members, and advanced user management. Getting started is easy, taking advantage of all the goodies that come within it just takes a little getting used to, here’s a kick start: Registration and Login You can use Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn oAuth to create an account and login, or use a traditional email address and password to access SynQ UP. All users are required to at least provide a desired username to use SynQ UP.   Basic Features The left sidebar is sectioned into useful navigation items that help you move through the application’s communication stages. “Channels” – click on the word “Channels” to open the Channel Browser Click the [+] sign to the right of “Channels” to create your own You can create a Public or Private channel Admins and Moderators can convert any channel into a read-only channel …more on read-only channels below If you’d like to “favorite” channel, click theContinue reading »