In this short how-to video, Nick explains the ins-and-outs of the SynQ Homepage as seen by Premium and Pro-level SynQ users. Video summary: Accessing the market overview Columns included Navigation options Adding “favorite” coins Buy/Sell Pressure meter Navigating through the top 100

The SynQ Data Visualizations are helpful guiding tools to compliment SynQ Projections and help tell a story for traders. These visualizations and indicators can assist in understanding where price action is headed in conjunction with projections and your trading strategy. Accessing SynQ Data Visualizations SynQ Data Visualizations are all available on the SynQ Coin Details page for each coin. To access the coin details page all you have to do is click the coin you would like from the SynQ Home Page or from the My Coins list. Once you have accessed a SynQ Coin Details page, you will see the SynQ Projections first (if they are a coin on your My Coins list) and/or the SynQ Data Visualizations. Below we will go through each of them. Social Influence and Buy/Sell Pressure This section shows you two things: “Buy/sell pressure” and “Social Influence” Buy/Sell Pressure This is a bespoke correlated chart that factors in the pressure of the amount of buys and sells compared to the total orders. Buy/sell pressureContinue reading »

SynQ Projections are the cornerstone of SynQ. Using these projections correctly can be the difference between terrible and amazing trades. You just have to know how to interpret them correctly. To access SynQ Projections, you must have the “My coins” section filled out. If you have not set up the “My Coins” section, you can find more info here (hyperlink) SynQ Coin Details Page Once you have the “My Coins” section all set, you can now check out your SynQ Projections. The projections are found the “Coin Details Page”, which can be found by clicking the coin you can see projections for on the Home Page or the My Coins Page. On the SynQ Coin Detail Page you will find the SynQ Projections for the coins you chose in the “My Coins” tab. You will also see live coin market info, buy/sell pressure and social influence, news headlines, order disbursement and order book info from Binance, project activity, and social mentions. We dig into those sections elsewhere. Using SynQ ProjectionsContinue reading »

SynQ TEAM is a lightweight, yet robust project management application in the SynQ Suite. Every member can create as many projects they need, at any time, and organize the project lanes in any way they need to fit their project’s demands. Create Default Project Clicking on the hamburger ( ) icon in the top right of the TEAM dashboard will open the Project Switcher/Member Directory sidebar: Click “Create Project” Set the Start Date Set the End Date Input a Project Name Click “Create” Start date, end date, and project name can all be updated later on, if they need to be changed. Create Project with Custom Lanes If you have a project that requires fewer or more lanes and/or new lane labels: Follow the steps above for Creating a Default Project Before you click create, click the ( ) to remove a lane or select ” Add Column” to add a new Kanban lane to the dashboard At any time, you can select, delete, and rename the lane label NameContinue reading »

SynQ UP comes packed with market data, added security features, delighter features to better organize and engage community members, and advanced user management. Getting started is easy, taking advantage of all the goodies that come within it just takes a little getting used to, here’s a kick start: Registration and Login You can use Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn oAuth to create an account and login, or use a traditional email address and password to access SynQ UP. All users are required to at least provide a desired username to use SynQ UP.   Basic Features The left sidebar is sectioned into useful navigation items that help you move through the application’s communication stages. “Channels” – click on the word “Channels” to open the Channel Browser Click the [+] sign to the right of “Channels” to create your own You can create a Public or Private channel Admins and Moderators can convert any channel into a read-only channel …more on read-only channels below If you’d like to “favorite” channel, click theContinue reading »