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Getting Started with TEAM

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SynQ TEAM and SynQ UP go hand-in-hand, so in order to create a TEAM, you must have an UP community. If you currently own a SynQ UP community, you won’t have to create a new community unless you want your SynQ TEAM to not be associated to your existing SynQ UP community:

Create from Existing Community

Simply Select the Community Name from the “Your Communities” list:

  1. Determine the number of members you need in your SynQ TEAM
  2. Provide billing information
  3. Invite TEAM members
  4. Done

Create from New Community

If you want to start completely fresh, you’ll need to first create an UP community, then complete the steps provided above. To learn about creating a new SynQ UP community, click here.

Creating Your First Project

Creating a Project is pretty simple, you’ll need a start date, end date, project name and what columns (or lanes) you desire to have in your project. To learn about creating a SynQ TEAM project, click here.

Get Started with TEAM

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