SynQ Projections are the cornerstone of SynQ. Using these projections correctly can be the difference between terrible and amazing trades. You just have to know how to interpret them correctly. To access SynQ Projections, you must have the “My coins” section filled out. If you have not set up the “My Coins” section, you can find more info here (hyperlink) SynQ Coin Details Page Once you have the “My Coins” section all set, you can now check out your SynQ Projections. The projections are found the “Coin Details Page”, which can be found by clicking the coin you can see projections for on the Home Page or the My Coins Page. On the SynQ Coin Detail Page you will find the SynQ Projections for the coins you chose in the “My Coins” tab. You will also see live coin market info, buy/sell pressure and social influence, news headlines, order disbursement and order book info from Binance, project activity, and social mentions. We dig into those sections elsewhere. Using SynQ ProjectionsContinue reading »

SynQ TEAM and SynQ UP go hand-in-hand, so in order to create a TEAM, you must have an UP community. If you currently own a SynQ UP community, you won’t have to create a new community unless you want your SynQ TEAM to not be associated to your existing SynQ UP community: Create from Existing Community Simply Select the Community Name from the “Your Communities” list: Determine the number of members you need in your SynQ TEAM Provide billing information Invite TEAM members Done Create from New Community If you want to start completely fresh, you’ll need to first create an UP community, then complete the steps provided above. To learn about creating a new SynQ UP community, click here. Creating Your First Project Creating a Project is pretty simple, you’ll need a start date, end date, project name and what columns (or lanes) you desire to have in your project. To learn about creating a SynQ TEAM project, click here. Get Started with TEAM