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Reading SynQ Projections

SynQ Projections are the cornerstone of SynQ. Using these projections correctly can be the difference between terrible and amazing trades. You just have to know how to interpret them correctly.

To access SynQ Projections, you must have the “My coins” section filled out. If you have not set up the “My Coins” section, you can find more info here (hyperlink)

SynQ Coin Details Page

Once you have the “My Coins” section all set, you can now check out your SynQ Projections. The projections are found the “Coin Details Page”, which can be found by clicking the coin you can see projections for on the Home Page or the My Coins Page.

On the SynQ Coin Detail Page you will find the SynQ Projections for the coins you chose in the “My Coins” tab. You will also see live coin market info, buy/sell pressure and social influence, news headlines, order disbursement and order book info from Binance, project activity, and social mentions. We dig into those sections elsewhere.

Using SynQ Projections

The SynQ Projections are the actual live price projections generated by SynQ for each coin. They are meant to be a helpful guide on where price action is likely headed, but should not be interpreted as financial advice or as having a 100% probability of hitting. They are split into two sections: “Projections” and “Entry/Exits”


This section shows the longer term projections. The time frames generally range from 12 hours all the way to 96 hours, and the Risk levels ranged from LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH. These are best utilized for swing traders and multi day targets. These projections are meant to be a guide for future price action to help you find tops and bottoms for certain price action movements.


This section shows the shorter term projections. The time frames generally range from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, and the Risk levels ranged from LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH. These are best utilized in conjunction with the “projections” section to help you find entry and/or exit ranges for the longer term projections. You can of course use these for shorter term scalp trades, as well.

Create a Community

Creating a community in SynQ UP is easy and streamlined. Once you have logged into SynQ UP you will see the community dashboard which shows you all the publicly accessible communities. In creating a community, you will have the ability to #tag it with the general topics or overview about you community.  These tags can be searched by new users to SynQ UP to find the best fit for the community they are searching for. You will see in the top right corner of the page a link that says “Create a Community.

Start Your Community

Bingo! First step in the “Start Your Community” tab is naming your community. This is the permanent URL that cannot be changed.  Next is adding a community tagline followed by an icon, hashtags and the default channels you want to be created when you launch your community.  Lastly, you can use the toggle if you want your community to be seen publicly in the community browser. All of these options can be edited or changed at any time except for the URL.

SynQ Labs

“SynQ Labs”, gives you the ability to have a premium community, premium channels, add the Giphy Keyboard, toggle the bad word filter (English only), and the ability to have polls in your community. These are all activated or deactivated with the toggle switch.

Invite Members

The last tab, Invite members, is for…you guessed it, inviting people to your community! If they are already a member of SynQ UP, you can search for their username and directly invite them. They will receive and email in which they can accept the invitation and directly access your community. If they are not an existing member, you can add their email address which will invite them to SynQ UP to create an account at which point they will be automatically added to your community. Once you are done with this step, click the “Save&Close” button and you have finished creating you community!

Set Up Your Community Channels

On the left hand side of the screen click the ( ) next to channels to create a new channel. The toggle switch on the top gives you the ability to have two types of channels

  • Private – Only you and whoever is invited in the channel can see it. You can invite people directly to this channel. This type of channel is good for internal team or community leaders discussions or anything you want private from the rest of the community,.
  • Public – This channel will be available for everyone in the community to join. You can invite people directly to this channel.

Naming the channel is next followed by an option to add a topic of the new channel. You can add specific people to the channel or selecting “auto join all users”

For more information on the SynQ UP channels and user interface, check out this article.