Welcome to SynQ UP in 2020! During the down-market the team at SynQ has been working to bring the crypto-community a feature-rich, dedicated experience, created explicitly for learning about everything crypto, sharing everything about crypto, and earning actually valuable crypto. SynQ UP Profiles Crypto-Twitter is great, however… wouldn’t it be nice if tweets showed up in chronological order and you saw every tweet from everyone you followed? We thought so. SynQ UP Profiles is a chronological, feature-expanded, Twitter-like, timeline experience that adds the ability for you to lock high-value posts behind your own subscription paywall to earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin. Write posts for your timeline and share them directly to a SynQ UP Group Reply in a dedicated, threaded conversation interface Add custom-emoji reactions Receive user-tips (KlinQ) in Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum Enable “Premium Posts” to show high-value content to your subscribers Edit posts after they’ve been published Large format TradingView chart integration SynQ WALLET Yes, we added a native cryptocurrency wallet, directly integrated with Coinbase, and every user hasContinue reading »