Are you ready to unleash all the with your SynQ UP community?  Lets GO! Community Settings Start by going to your “Community settings” that is in the drop down menu by you user name on the top right corner of the SynQ UP.  This will take you back to the “Edit your Community” tab and something you will notice at the bottom of the page is the button “Add Custom Badge”. Once you click that, a pop-up will appear and you will be able to upload images for a custom badge for you community This will allow you to upload an image to use a badge to give your community leaders/members. Some of the badges that have been created so far are: SynQ Labs Next, heading over to the “SynQ Labs” tab and dig into the goodies!  Custom Emojis Take a look at “Custom emojis” and click the “+” to open the drop down menu Click on the “add custom emoji” button. You will be prompted with a pop-up thatContinue reading »