SynQ UP features a multitude of channel types to help community owners and community members alike, here’s a break down of who can do what, and how to do it for creating channels: Public Channels Anyone can create a new public channel in a community. Clicking the plus sign [+] next to “Channels” in the left navigation area of SynQ UP will take you to the interface above. Simply provide a Name (only alphanumberic, hyphens, and underscores are permitted), set the topic, and select a few users to join you in your new channel to get started. Admins, you’ll also be shown an additional option to “Auto-join all users to channel.” This will place all current and future members of your community into the channel, treating this as a new “hub” for users to see the next time they login to your community. Private Channels Think of private channels like a long-form group Direct Message, allowing you to invite a multitude of users to a back channel discussion that doesn’tContinue reading »