The SynQ Data Visualizations are helpful guiding tools to compliment SynQ Projections and help tell a story for traders. These visualizations and indicators can assist in understanding where price action is headed in conjunction with projections and your trading strategy. Accessing SynQ Data Visualizations SynQ Data Visualizations are all available on the SynQ Coin Details page for each coin. To access the coin details page all you have to do is click the coin you would like from the SynQ Home Page or from the My Coins list. Once you have accessed a SynQ Coin Details page, you will see the SynQ Projections first (if they are a coin on your My Coins list) and/or the SynQ Data Visualizations. Below we will go through each of them. Social Influence and Buy/Sell Pressure This section shows you two things: “Buy/sell pressure” and “Social Influence” Buy/Sell Pressure This is a bespoke correlated chart that factors in the pressure of the amount of buys and sells compared to the total orders. Buy/sell pressureContinue reading »

The “My Coins” tab in SynQ is one of the most important aspects of SynQ Within this tab, you will choose the 9 cryptocurrencies that you would like to receive predictive analytics for. It is important to note that you will only able to change these every 24 hours. To choose what coins you want, simply click the box labeled “Select coin” and type in the desired coin ticker that you would like. Once you have either typed the full coin ticker, click enter. If you choose the coin ticker from the drop down, all you have to do is click the ticker you desire. Once you fill up your full 9 coins that you would like to receive predictive analytics for, you are ready to head to the coin details page for that coin to start receiving predictive analytics! As a shortcut, you can just click the coin within the “My Coins” list and it will take you there.