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Enterprise Solutions

Your Community, Your Data

SynQ was built from the ground-up with community engagement in the cryptocurrency markets in mind. Tailored made to be secure without compromising user engagement. Enjoy integrated cryptocurrency pricing and alerts, and keep things moving with advanced community management features.

SynQ Enterprise is a fully customizable, white-labeled, community application available on iOS, Android, and the web. Choose from SynQ UP, SynQ TEAM, SynQ Profiles and/or SynQ EDU to include in your cryptocurrency community application hub.

Own your community, own your data, powered by SynQ.

SynQ analytics dashboard will be available after stable beta is released.


  • Public/Private Channels
  • Premium Channels
  • Direct Messages/Group Messages
  • Follow Users
  • Reply in Thread
  • Emoji Reactions
  • Customized Profiles
  • Block Users


  • Mute Users
  • Kick Users
  • Ban Users
  • Apply Custom Badges
  • Add Custom Emojis
  • Create Read-only Channels
  • View Reported Messages
  • Chat with Moderators


  • Promote Users to Moderator
  • Delete/Edit Messages
  • Edit User Attributes


  • Monitor Data
  • Promote Users to Admin
  • Unlock TEAM, EDU

Task Management

Enjoy a full-featured Kanban board, complete with task title, descriptions, comments, and attachments from Dropbox, Google Drive, and your local computer. Task watchers, automatically assign tasks on “lane change”, set due dates, RAG status, keep track of task progress with clear Task History.

Project Management

Bulk import backlog items into an isolated interface, “TEAM Backlog”, that allows you to organize and prioritize before a planning session, including task titles, descriptions, and attachments. Promote TEAM members to Managers, create projects, archive projects, view Task Reports, and Archive completed tasks.


Unlock your community’s interests with media-rich, curriculum-based video education content with the SynQ EDU CMS. SynQ EDU allows users to engage in learning, by commenting on and sharing video content to their own space that will help others in the community grow and become more informed about all things crypto.

Coming 2019