April 2020 Weekly Recap #3

April Weekly Recap 3

April 14th - April 20th, 2020

Welcome to our 3rd weekly recap for April.




Crypto News

  • Central banks have been pushing for heavy-duty regulation of centralized, privately-issued global stable coins. Fiat-pegged cryptocurrencies are coming under scrutiny, based on recommendations from the Financial Stability Board.

    New numbers from the digital asset management giant Grayscale show investors are collectively throwing big money into Ethereum for the first time, on top of record investment numbers for Bitcoin.

    According to Grayscale’s Q1 2020 report, institutions have been taking a serious interest in ETH.

    Spencer Noon, the head of crypto investments at DTC Capital, says the numbers show Ethereum has reached a turning point with high-net-worth investors.

  • Darren Sadana, CEO of Choice IoT (Choice Business Connections Inc.), an IoT management platform, told Decrypt that blockchain could prevent hacking, and predicts that most computer programming will transition to blockchain. “ As 5G coverage increases and smarter applications are built that require complex and huge amounts amid data at high speeds, there is also going to be increased danger of hacking,” he said.
  • “This is where blockchain can help tremendously because of its advanced security,” Sadana said. “Even if a small part is hacked, it does not affect the whole program. In fact, most coding will move to blockchain in the future as it is more resistant to hacking,” he added.


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