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Trade with Confidence

From beginner to expert, trading cryptocurrency should never be done without data. SynQ provides you with a bird’s eye view of the market and an unprecedented level of forecasting.


SynQ has been up to 80% accurate since we began in May of 2019. Nearly 200,000 projections, on time, on price target, to the 1/100th of a penny, all automated, and delivered to your desktop, 24/7.

Correlated Data Visualizations

SynQ offers custom graphs of correlated market elements to help build the story of the market for you, giving you the foresight to see where the market is headed before anyone else.

But Wait, There’s More

Stay up to date with breaking stories, create your own custom price alerts, enjoy access to numerous communities to discuss ideas, and much, much more…

Seeing is Believing

Peruse the homepage, view coin details, add coins to your My Coins list, set up alerts, see a steady flow of projections from your coins, and dig deep into the markets with all the data visualizations you’ll need to trade smarter.

Packs a Punch

See The Market Through Fresh Eyes

Make Better Trades

Track up to 6 different cryptocurrencies of your choosing. Projections range from 30 minutes to 96 hours into the future, giving you the ability to find short term entries/exits and long term targets. Whether you’re a spot or futures trader, SynQ’s projections are what you need to make better trades.

Know More in Less Time

SynQ has the standard order book and spot price stuff, like all the other guys, but we also have bespoke Order Disbursement, Social Influence, Correlated Buy/Sell Pressure, and data visualizations for SynQ Price Projections, and we’re just gettin’ started.

Block-level data and futures market information coming soon…

Spot those fake walls

Is it a fish? Is it a whale? Is it real? Is it fake? Find out what’s inside the exchange order books by looking into the trades without volume. Raw quantity output of orders placed, at price points on help you see what’s really going on.

Stay in the Loop

On mobile or at the desk, SynQ’s integrated SynQ Suite application, SynQ UP, allows you to create and receive the custom price alerts through TraQ, chat with other crypto enthusiasts, and track charts – all in-app under one profile. Community is just as important as understanding the market.

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  • Market Overview
  • Volume & Price %-change, down to 15min
  • News Headlines
  • Customized Price Alerts
  • Seamless integration to SynQ UP
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  • Personalized Coin Projections
  • Advanced Data Visualizations
  • Price/Volume Fluctuations by Timescale
  • Custom Coin Alerts
  • General Market Information
  • History by Date Range
  • The Other Premium Features
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  • Projections via SynQ Stream
  • Unlock Advanced Data Visualizations
  • Custom Coin Alerts
  • General Market Information
  • Price/Volume Fluctuations by Timescale
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Out Trade or Be Out-traded – Your fortune telling adventures in the cryptocurrency markets starts now for the top 100 crypto assets on trusted exchanges.

SynQ Suite

The Companion Application Suite for SynQ


Communication in the cryptocurrency space is key to growth, education, investing, trading, and FOMO. Sync up with your fellow cryptocurrency hodlers, find new communities, follow thought leaders and analysts, or lurk and learn – all for FREE. Synq UP is the powerhouse messaging application available for webAndroid and iPhones now!


Tired of bloated, convoluted, task managers that clutter more bad than good into their dashboard? We were too. SynQ TEAM is a kanban-methodology project management application, built from the ground up, to be streamlined, optimized, easy-to-use, and free-to-try. Available now on webAndroid and iPhone.

SynQ EDU (coming soon)

Long-form, quality, educational content to help new customers, new retail traders, long-term investors, whoever, get elbow-deep in some knowledge, carefully curated and created by fellow crypto enthusiasts in the space, properly incentivized, and available on your laptop, desktop, or mobile device later in 2019.