Intelligence Powered Predictive Analytics

A new class of business intelligence for cryptocurrency markets.

Quantified Predictive Analytics

Tame the Cryptocurrency Market with Intelligence

Asset Scoring

Not all cryptos are created equal. SynQ’s linear baseline approach to analysis on an asset by asset basis allows us to set proper expectations for cryptocurrencies from genesis through stages of market maturity.

Consumer Trends

Identifying a financial market cycle is one thing, knowing where consumer attention is headed is another. SynQ’s “barometric” attention metering increases accuracy, while also setting expectations of social traction based on consumer class.

Intelligent Accuracy

Sentiment Analysis, by itself, does not work. Consumer Sentiment, Historical Trend Analysis, and proper Asset Classifications to calculate expected behaviors within market subsets, however, does.

Packs a Punch

SynQ’s MVP is Shaping Up

Status: Testing

Day zero SynQ tests from April 2019 through May 2019, have shown staggering results. The team is testing 2019 data, for the top 100 assets, every 15 minutes. As of May 12th, 2019, we are seeing 84% accuracy for short-term market activity.

Know More in Less Time

SynQ has the standard order book and spot price stuff, like all the other guys, but we also have Order Disbursement, Social Influence, Correlated Buy/Sell Pressure, and data visualizations for SynQ Price Projections… and we’re just gettin’ started.

Stay in the Loop

SynQ’s integrated SynQ Suite application, SynQ UP, allows you to receive alerts for data anomalies while on the go through TraQ, a SynQ UP mini-app, available to everyone in SynQ, and in the SynQ Suite ecosystems.

SynQ Suite

The Companion Application Suite for SynQ


Communication in the cryptocurrency space is key to growth, education, investing, trading, and FOMO. Sync up with your fellow cryptocurrency hodlers, find new communities, follow thought leaders and analysts, or lurk and learn. Synq UP is the powerhouse messaging application available for web, Android and iPhones now!


Tired of bloated, convoluted, task managers that clutter more bad than good into their dashboard? We were too. SynQ TEAM is a kanban-methodology project management application, built from the ground up, to be streamlined, optimized, easy-to-use, and free-to-try. Available now on web, Android and iPhone.


SynQ EDU (coming soon)

Long-form, quality, educational content to help new customers, new retail traders, long-term investors, whoever, get elbow-deep in some knowledge, carefully curated and created by fellow crypto enthusiasts in the space, properly incentivized, and available on your laptop, desktop, or mobile device later in 2019.