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Market Overview (Homepage) Breakdown

In this short how-to video, Nick explains the ins-and-outs of the SynQ Homepage as seen by Premium and Pro-level SynQ users.

Video summary:

  • Accessing the market overview
  • Columns included
  • Navigation options
  • Adding “favorite” coins
  • Buy/Sell Pressure meter
  • Navigating through the top 100

Understanding SynQ Data Visualizations

The SynQ Data Visualizations are helpful guiding tools to compliment SynQ Projections and help tell a story for traders. These visualizations and indicators can assist in understanding where price action is headed in conjunction with projections and your trading strategy.

Accessing SynQ Data Visualizations

SynQ Data Visualizations are all available on the SynQ Coin Details page for each coin. To access the coin details page all you have to do is click the coin you would like from the SynQ Home Page or from the My Coins list.

Once you have accessed a SynQ Coin Details page, you will see the SynQ Projections first (if they are a coin on your My Coins list) and/or the SynQ Data Visualizations. Below we will go through each of them.

Social Influence and Buy/Sell Pressure

This section shows you two things: “Buy/sell pressure” and “Social Influence”

Buy/Sell Pressure

This is a bespoke correlated chart that factors in the pressure of the amount of buys and sells compared to the total orders. Buy/sell pressure can be used to gauge overall buying/selling interest in a coin, and it is generally a leading indicator for future price movement, depending if the pressure is high or low. So, if Buy Pressure is very high in relation to the price, the price is likely to go up in the future, and vice/versa

Social Influence

This is a bespoke correlated chart that factors in the sentiment and social scoring of a coin in relation to price action. Social Influence can be used similarly to buy/sell pressure. If the social influence is high, there is a lot of attention on a certain coin, and vice versa.

If buy/sell pressure are both high that is generally a great indicator of future bullish price movement

Order Disbursement

Order disbursement gives you the actual disbursement of orders across the order books. You can see exactly how many units of each coin are being sold and what price. This can help set buy/sell orders accordingly.

SynQ currently only receives 1000 orders/trades at a time per asset request, due to API limitations. Should you see a lack of Orders Disbursed (only blue) the buy pressure is exceptionally high at the time, and the demand is going to reflect potentially bullish behaviors in SynQ.

News Headlines

This gives you the most recent news of a certain coin so you can stay up to date on the action

The Rest

Order book data, project activity, and social mentions are all helpful charts to help you build a better story. Seeing that a project is posting updates and getting lots of mentions on social media is helpful to understanding the consumer’s mindset.

Reading SynQ Projections

SynQ Projections are the cornerstone of SynQ. Using these projections correctly can be the difference between terrible and amazing trades. You just have to know how to interpret them correctly.

To access SynQ Projections, you must have the “My coins” section filled out. If you have not set up the “My Coins” section, you can find more info here (hyperlink)

SynQ Coin Details Page

Once you have the “My Coins” section all set, you can now check out your SynQ Projections. The projections are found the “Coin Details Page”, which can be found by clicking the coin you can see projections for on the Home Page or the My Coins Page.

On the SynQ Coin Detail Page you will find the SynQ Projections for the coins you chose in the “My Coins” tab. You will also see live coin market info, buy/sell pressure and social influence, news headlines, order disbursement and order book info from Binance, project activity, and social mentions. We dig into those sections elsewhere.

Using SynQ Projections

The SynQ Projections are the actual live price projections generated by SynQ for each coin. They are meant to be a helpful guide on where price action is likely headed, but should not be interpreted as financial advice or as having a 100% probability of hitting. They are split into two sections: “Projections” and “Entry/Exits”


This section shows the longer term projections. The time frames generally range from 12 hours all the way to 96 hours, and the Risk levels ranged from LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH. These are best utilized for swing traders and multi day targets. These projections are meant to be a guide for future price action to help you find tops and bottoms for certain price action movements.


This section shows the shorter term projections. The time frames generally range from 30 minutes to 1.5 hours, and the Risk levels ranged from LOW, MEDIUM, and HIGH. These are best utilized in conjunction with the “projections” section to help you find entry and/or exit ranges for the longer term projections. You can of course use these for shorter term scalp trades, as well.

Coin Alerts

Coin alerts in SynQ helps you stay notified of cryptocurrencies you are tracking. Creating price alerts allows you to passively track the market while you check out other coins and projects.

Accessing Coin Alerts

To access Coin Alerts in SynQ click the “Alerts” tab in SynQ

Once you are in Coin Alerts, you will see a few different sections:

  1. “My Alerts” – This is where you can create and manage your alerts
  2. “Projection Stream” – This is a constant stream of projections for coins you follow in your “My Coins” list
  3. “Headlines” – This is an aggregate of all news headlines for the coins you follow in your “My Coins” list

Creating Coin Alert

To create an alert for a coin you will first click the “create alert” button in the top right of My Alerts

After that, you will input the coin, coin pair, and price for the alert you would like (all coin pairings are in USD for the time being – updates coming in the future). You must input these in all caps, currently. You must also choose whether you want a one-time alert or a recurring alert.

Once you input the coin alert information you will click the “save alert” button, and you will now see the list of coin alerts you have set!

My Coins

The “My Coins” tab in SynQ is one of the most important aspects of SynQ

Within this tab, you will choose the 9 cryptocurrencies that you would like to receive predictive analytics for. It is important to note that you will only able to change these every 24 hours.

To choose what coins you want, simply click the box labeled “Select coin” and type in the desired coin ticker that you would like. Once you have either typed the full coin ticker, click enter. If you choose the coin ticker from the drop down, all you have to do is click the ticker you desire.

Once you fill up your full 9 coins that you would like to receive predictive analytics for, you are ready to head to the coin details page for that coin to start receiving predictive analytics!

As a shortcut, you can just click the coin within the “My Coins” list and it will take you there.